Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Greek lakes' fascination

Lake Melissanis, Kephalonia

This is a lake secluded in a cave, located approximately two kilometers away  from Sami . The natural entrance to the cave has been created by the fall of a piece of its roof while an artificial entrance has also been constructed to facilitate  the visit of Melissani  . The cave is magically covered with stalactites, 160 meters long and 40 meters wide and reachable by small boats . The water is 39 meters deep. Main characteristic of the lake is the contrasting colors of the water when  the sunlight enters the cave from the open roof . Excavations in the lake discovered findings dated back to the 3rd and 4th century BC . The findings indicate the worship of the god Pan in the region. The findings show that the cave in ancient times was a place of worship, also called Cave of the Nymphs . The stalactites in the cave are considered to be approximately 20,000 years old . Cave Melissanis is undoubtedly a globally unique geological phenomenon you should not miss paying a visit!

Lake Pamvotida at Ioannina

The Lake of Ioannina is very significant to the city , a kind of landscape where the traveler is invited to explore around, using the small boats available on shore . Crossing the lake to reach the island, located right in the middle of the water plane, is enough to understand the uniqueness of this wetland. The majestic mountains of Epirus are impressively reflected in the water and the emerald shores of the lake. The lake is the home of rare species of flora and fauna including scampi catfish, carp , ducks , eels and many amphibians and migratory birds. Some quantities of Greek caviar are produced by the local municipality. The Lake is the second oldest lake in Europe. Closely tied to the Lake is the legend of lady Frosini , the woman who Ali Pasha drowned in its waters, along with 16 other women from Ioannina . The lake  belongs to the European network of protected areas (NATURA 2000) and its presence dates back to 10,000 BC

Vegoritida lake

Towering mountains and a big lake compose the imposing landscape of this region. The mountains are Voras, Vermio, Skopos and Askio and the lake is Vegoritida.The village of Agios Panteleimonas near by the lake, is also an interesting tourist destination. Visitors can choose among many interesting itineraries and various mountain activities, depending on their preferences and physical condition. A visit to the region is definitely a return to Nature…

Plastira’s Lake

A magical landscape created by nature, with human intervention, since the lake is artificial. The waters between the mountains have created a unique painting that you will never forget. Picturesque villages, spectacular view, many options for accommodation,  very good food are the pluses of the Lake. If you have not yet visited the lake, plan your trip and believe us, we will not go just once…

Kerkini Lake

It is located in prefecture of Serres and really captures it’s visitors.Despite the fact that it is an artificial lake, it is today a very important international wetland of Greece, since it gives selter to many seldom aquatic bird species. We had the chance to make the tour of the lake a summer day, when the water shone blue and the birds were refreshed in the lake continuously. We approached herons, we saw buffalos and horses grazing at the banks of the lake and alive trees, baptised in the lake water, which stand and infrequent birds sitting on their branches.

Kaiafa’s Lake

It is located a few kilometres away from Zaxaro, in Ilia’s prefecture. At Kaiafa’s lake are the homonymous mineral water Springs and curative baths.

Lake of  Polifito

It is an artificial lake and is located 2o kilometres southeast of Kozani. It is one of the biggest artificial lakes of Greece where a modern floating harbour was constructed in order ecotouristical, fishing and sailing activities to be developed. The distance from Polifito to Velvendo is superb. The lake’s visitor is able to fish, swim and camp.