Thursday, 28 August 2014

Are you going on vacation? Five things you should never forget!

Whenever we’re preparing to travel, passport or ID are the first things we make sure to carry along, as well as tickets, money, proper clothing and shoes, cosmetics.. personal things mostly!
However, before you take the key off your house door, there are  a few essentials you should check that have been included in your luggage as well:

1. Photo camera. Never leave home without it! Every trip is a new opportunity for great photo memories of where I went and what I did while there...

2. Tablet. To stay in touch with family and friends but also to check of business emergencies, email etc.

3. A map of your destination. Highlight your final destination, especially if you’ve never been there before. Airport, harbor, city entrance, the hotel you stay.. are also important bookmarks.

4. Make a list of most important sightseeing of your destination to make sure that you visit all of them.

5. Make a list of the local cuisine that you have read about or wish to try out.

Have a nice trip!