Thursday, 14 August 2014

Real five star hospitality ...

I was fascinated by travelling since I was a child. All these new pictures, new smells, new feelings when I first got somewhere, is an amazing experience! So I never lose the opportunity to visit as many places as I can!
A few days ago, I visited a new five-star hotel near Metsovo, Epirus! The hotel is called Grand Forest Metsovo and built in the woods, in a magnificent natural landscape, between towering mountains! The building stands harmoniously tall in relation to the natural landscape!

At this time of the year the weather is sunny but in winter the hotel is recommended for lovers of snow and sports as well.
The reception and the lobby are impressive decorated with a mix of traditional and modern elements!
After check in we went to our room, where everything was wonderful! Large space, sparkling clean and a balcony view overlooking the forest ...

We decided to have lunch at the hotel restaurant! We must admit that it was a pleasant surprise! Apart from the beautiful space and views of the lush high mountains, the dishes we tried were delicious! All were crafted with pure traditional local materials forming unique recipes!
Our day came to an end with a traditional Greek coffee at the caf√© of the hotel overlooking the surrounding mountains, the forest and the colorful sunset .

We went to our room and slept in a comfortable, "five stars" bedroom! The next day we woke up feeling quite refreshed! After an excellent breakfast we decided to visit the spa area and the indoor pool. From the first moment you realize that this area was made for guests to relax!
The Grand Forest Metsovo is one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in ! And definitely this will not be my first and only stay!