Thursday, 14 August 2014

Mediterranean cuisine in Thessaloniki

Once you visit any place, the best way to get to know it is by tasting the local cuisine. It’s an easy way to find out a lot about the habits of the locals by exploring the ingredients and the way their food is prepared.
Greece is a Mediterranean country, worldwide famous for its local cuisine. Tasteful ingredients, unique recipes, always winning over the visitor with their taste!

One of the biggest cities in Greece is Thessaloniki, famous as the “great cook” for many years now. The local cuisine of the city is famous for decades not just nationwide but abroad too, to all interested in a unique and different gastronomical experience!
A few days back I found myself dining with friends at the Leonardo da Vinci restaurant of the five stars Grand Hotel Palace in Thessaloniki.

I had the opportunity to taste the delicate cousin of the hotel restaurant that I truly enjoyed! Rich salads, an expanded menu of various dishes, fresh fruits, tasteful desserts, all served meticulously in a beautiful, elegant environment.
The dishes were well chosen local recipes to complement the fame of Thessaloniki as a gastronomical heaven, the ingredient fresh and carefully chosen. Every single taste was a short trip to heaven!

Dining at the Grand Hotel Palace of Thessaloniki was an exciting experience for me and my friends. We enjoyed a truly wonderful evening that ended in the most relaxing way. We booked rooms to stay in the hotel overnight. I’ll let you know all about the rich tasteful breakfast that we experienced the very next morning.. in another article of mine!