Friday, 15 August 2014

In the region of Bansko, Bulgaria!

A few days ago, I spent a lovely weekend in the region of Bansko, in southern Bulgaria. Bansko is mostly known as a winter destination offering a well organized ski center which attracts a great number of ski lovers every winter.

I made a decision to see the area in the summer time and it was one I didn't regret! We stayed atBalkan Jewel Resort, in the region of Razlog, just ten minutes away from Bansko! The apartment we booked (bedroom, living room and bathroom) was spacious, with great view to Pirin mountain and at a very affordable rate, fact that made our stay really enjoyable.

Upon our arrival we made a short walk around the hotel and returned early to have dinner in the hotel restaurant which offers a great variety of international plates. Next morning, after having breakfast by the pool, we started exploring the area of Razlog. The village of Razlog is picturesque and characterized by the Balkan colors. It is crossed by a river which reflects a bright green color to the plants at its banks. Its central square is dominated by an old church. The village is ideal for walking strolls but also bicycling safe!

We continued our exploration to the village of Bachevo which is famous for its equestrian clothing factories. Horse lovers may enjoy horseback riding in the forest of Bachevo.

Later on we visited the crowded Bansko, the famous ski resort of Bulgaria. Here you may find a great variety of restaurants, cafes and various shops, all at affordable prices. You may reach the square by walking next to the river or through the narrow streets. You may also wish to explore the mountain, towards the ski resort! The route is very beautiful!
Soon after our trip to Bansko, we rested in our hotel upon return.

The next day, although a rainy one, we decided to go up to the Mount Vihren.
We passed through Bansko and from there we were guided by the road signs. The ride lasted about an hour. The road was quite twisty and very narrow at some points. We finally reached the end of the road, where a lot of cars had been parked. We left our car and kept on on foot. It was cold, but the rain had stopped! Standing between the mountains, the view was fantastic as we kept hearing the noises of nature at a harmonious melody!
It wasn’t long before we arrived at a clearing where a large map of the area was placed showing the forest trails one can follow in order to reach the lakes. There were several paths of different length and difficulty one to choose from.
We left Vihren and on our way down we stopped to a Bulgarian tavern! The food was delicious and the prices very affordable. We returned to the hotel later in the day and rested by enjoying a hot cup of coffee on our balcony with a splendid view!
The next day, after a generous breakfast, we took off to return home! We felt relaxed, in a good mood and with one more gorgeous experience in our travel memories!