Monday, 18 August 2014

A Summer excursion to Elatohori, Pieria, Greece!

Elatohori is a popular winter destination because of the ski resort ! However, such destinations are beautiful in summer time too!
We started our trip to Elatohori on  a sunny day of August. We arrived in the village early in the afternoon and the sun was burning ....
On random selection we chose Atrion Highland Hotel for our stay. The hotel is located at the center of the small, quiet village with the numerous stone buildings, at the feet of the mountain.

Entering the hotel, Yota the owner, greeted us with a big smile. She informed us about the area, gave us a few tips, all  in all she made her best to make us feel comfortable and welcome. The hotel was a pleasant surprise by itself.

Rooms were exceptionally spacious, tastefully decorated and very clean! The owner loves the antiques, so many pieces of her collection have been used as decorative items in various corners .

After we drank our coffee at the cozy cafĂ© located near the reception,  we decided to explore the area around. Our first destination was  the old watermill. We walked through the narrow streets of the village, we took a narrow dirt road and after some time we reached our destination. We explored the watermill building and  walked around a little in the vividly blooming green area.! Nature at its finest!

Shortly afterward we drove to  the ski resort by car. I was really curious to see how a ski resort looks in summertime. We took some excellent photos over there. It was quite cool up there, despite the fact it was almost 3 pm.

Our  next stop was  the Nicolas well, a shady and beautiful place in the deep forest!
Returning to the village we stopped for lunch at a tavern called Tzivaeri and I have to admit that we really enjoyed the tasty Greek plates.
We strongly recommend it!!
After lunch, we returned to the hotel to rest. We woke up refreshed by the breeze and the nice view.

The hotel's owner, suggested we take a  jeep ride through the woods with his young son to explore further the natural beauties of the area. We accepted her offer with pleasure and we spent the entire afternoon exploring the waterfall Brick, green, shady paths, old bridges and and small, winding rivers. We took a lot of pictures for our photo collection! We walked in places covered by tall trees  with the sound of flowing water nearby  ! 
This ride was amazing!

Nightfall arrived soon which meant that the next morning we had to go  back home

We had a rich breakfast at the hotel, we enjoyed a coffee cup and then took off on our way back giving a promise to ourselves to be back soon!