Wednesday, 14 September 2016

A weekend spent outdoors?

Spending a weekend outdoors, by the sea or mountain, is not that easy to many of us! Some of us are born natural explorers; some others are good just at city breaks!
If you live in a larger city but wish to get to know nature, first rule to follow, show nature the respect it deserves!

Leave your laptop and mobile phone behind;   don’t cheat, same applies for your tablet!
Make sure you go outdoors in the right outfit and gear. Ask the area guides for the best suggestion of outfits and gear to bring along.
Don't over-pack!
Make sure you get all instructions and maps available.

Follow the group and the instructions of your guide, take advantage of his experience!

Enjoy your small adventure outdoors with joy and safety, following all provided precautions.
Photos from Pixabay