Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Traveling to Thassos, the green Greek island!

Thassos, a beautiful green island at the northern Aegean Sea, is a very popular destination to those who live in Thessaloniki – same as me – being so close by!

You reach Keramoti port by car and the ferry will take you across to the gorgeous island of Thassos.
Thassos is popular to Greeks and foreigners not only for its natural beauty but mostly for the island’s large and impressive beaches.

First stop, Keramoti, Kavala where we take the ferry to Thassos. The trip with the ferry is something to enjoy as it crosses the blue Aegean waters, accompanied by seagulls all the way, thanks to the short distance from the mainland.
By the afternoon we have reached Limena, Thassos and have already settled to our hotel.  A long relaxing stroll along the promenade of Limena is the best way to wrap up our first day on the island, enjoying a gorgeous sunset!

The very next day we start exploring the island. We have just three days to see as much as we can! We walked all around the island capital, on the beautiful narrow streets of Limena full of souvenir shops. A great place for lunch to enjoy Greek tsipouro (strong traditional drink) is the Old Harbor, make sure not to miss it! As a last note, the capital also offers plenty of archaeological findings to explore too.

Having seen enough of the capital, we started exploring the beaches all around. 
Limenaria is one of the most beautiful beaches of Thassos. Just 40 kilometers away from the capital, it’s a sight for sore eyes! Limenaria is a large beach of turquoise green waters, very popular in summertime.

Another great beach is Psili Ammos (Fine Sand). It’s a well-organized beach with fine sand, full of life all summer long.

We go ahead to the next one, the beautiful beach of Pefkari, one that got its name from the endless pines of the area (Pefko in Greek = pine tree). Thassos offer a beach for each taste! This one is well organized and very busy in summertime thanks to its gorgeous green waters, as they reflect the pines all around. 

Another great place and summer resort is Prinos. Always busy with bathers who enjoy its crystal clean waters.

Thassos is full of trees and greenery, so regardless the beach that you’ll visit; you’re bound to be impressed by the natural beauty of the landscape. The entire island is fully organized to welcome tourists and offers delicious local cuisine too! There’s no doubt that the visitor will feel as comfortable as at home.

However, three days is not enough time to get to know the island of Thassos. You’ll get a great first impression though, one that will guide you back again with many more days available to spend in this green haven!