Monday, 14 December 2015

Airline review: Ellinair

I live in Greece and I happen to fly a lot on business so I’m familiar with most airlines
A few days ago I decided to try out a new, Greek air company, Ellinair

I chose the flight route Thessaloniki-Athens-Thessaloniki
My ticket was economy class yet the seat was pretty comfortable
The entire flight was a nice experience with safe and not at all bumpy take off and landing.

It took around 45 minutes to reach Athens and 2 hostesses were always at our disposal.
In the competitive priced ticket, a bonus is also included, a free day of parking, at the airport of your departure.
Checking in to get onboard was pretty fast either way, as two desks were available.
Everything in the plane and the seat were clean and welcoming.

Although a short flight, the passengers got the choice of coffee or soda plus a stuffed cream cookie.

It was a safe comfortable trip I enjoyed, so I recommend Ellinair with no hesitation at all!