Friday, 6 November 2015

Mediterranean Cosmos shopping center Thessaloniki, Greece

Located at the 11th kilometer of the Thessaloniki-Moudania Interstate, it is 
impressive at first glance not just by its size but the carefully decorated outdoors areas that it offers as well.

Shopping lovers may find here all the famous worldwide brands along with a variety of Greek products. The areas of the Mediterranean Cosmos are comfortable, clean, well lit, and extremely spacious, a place you will never feel crowded regardless of the number of visitors even on the busiest day!

Walking around you will enjoy carefully decorated, beautiful shopping windows featuring the most trending, hard to resist products! Latest fashion at your fingertips to get familiar with!

You will be able to enjoy your shopping experience in comfort, well protected indoors, try out outfits and products in any boutique of your interest, check out the latest fashionable shoes, Thessaloniki, Greeceaccessories, jewelry and luggage, explore bookstores with the most recent hit publications, your only problem being making the choice of what to enjoy or buy first!

Indulge yourself as far as your wallet or credit card allows till you drop dead!

In between your joyful exploration, take a break for a coffee, a delicious delicacy or meal, even for a drink if that’s what you fancy!

Mediterranean Cosmos shopping center Website:

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece