Wednesday, 8 July 2015

What I like about Greece!

1. First of all, the landscape! High mountains, fields, gorgeous beaches, small picturesque villages, islands of incredible beauty, endless blue of the sea and open sky! A natural painting of unique beauty!
2. The people! They are smiling, well-meaning and hospitable. They know how to love, sing and dance, to become one with nature, to accept and help each other with philosophical simplicity! Greeks have been themselves with their simplicity the very best ambassadors of their own country for centuries now.
3. The food! Fresh products, Mediterranean diet and menus, unique dishes and flavors full with the freshness of today and the experience of all past centuries. Whoever tries out the Greek cuisine knows perfectly well what I’m talking about!

4. The booze! Greek wine, ouzo and tsipouro! Local alcoholic beverages are available to taste everywhere at every little or small Greek place. But take it easy! Greeks are well accustomed and may have tamed drinking heavily.. that doesn’t apply to all and mostly new-comers to the sport!
5. The famous Greek hospitality. It started out in ancient Greece as Jupiter was the God of hospitality. Greeks for centuries now know how to make you feel not just welcome but a true part of their family!
6. The Greek culture and civilization. Once someone visits the Parthenon or any other archaeological site in Greece, it’s impossible not to feel how heavy the burden of the Greek spirit lingers above the entire global history!

7. The Greek islands! They are small drops of land in a huge blue bowl. They are all tiny heavens of sandy beaches, beautiful villages, small ships sailing back and forth, little taverns and picturesque harbors. One cannot know the meaning of true summer
vacations unless he’s spent one on a Greek island.
Welcome to Greece, a controversial but beautiful and great country!