Friday, 29 May 2015

What about a glass of Greek ouzo?

Ouzo is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in Greece. It’s a local delicacy, very strong in alcohol as it comes from the stems of the vein, with a light taste of anisette, a plant lavishly found at the Greek countryside. It is not popular only among Greeks but tourists who try it out quickly become fans too and enjoy ouzo along with their meals.
It is said that some kind of drink very similar to ouzo was also produced by ancient Greeks. One thing is though for certain, that ouzo was already a well-known product during the era of the Byzantine Empire.
Truth to be told, Greeks consider ouzo ideal to serve along with meze (canapés of various Greek delicacies) and seafood, not ideal for every kind of meal. Its color is crystal clear that becomes foggy white as the ice is inserted, following the ritual of how it is served and enjoyed!

When you try ouzo for the very first time, you’ll be surprised by its unique taste. It’s like no other alcoholic drink you’ve ever tried out. This specific uniqueness of its taste is what makes it so famous and popular worldwide.
To Greeks, the site of a glass of ouzo next to plate of meze, right on a table somewhere in the Aegean, is a very familiar picture! As we said, ouzo is not to be drunk during dinner or along with normal meals. It’s the drink of relaxation that comes along with meze to kill time engaged in conversation with friends on a Sunday morning – a popular ritual before lunchtime!
If you love your company and you happen to be in Greece, this is a ritual you shouldn’t miss to try out and enjoy yourself too! You’ll become a fan right away!