Sunday, 14 December 2014

Plovdiv – The Old City with the timeless charm!

The Old City of Plovdiv is a unique traveling experience on its own for every single visitor to the city.. it will win you right away with its uniqueness, history and architectural style as well as the monuments. Small paved narrow streets that you will enjoy on foot, will lead you to beautiful secret corners of another era. You will find well-preserved double-decked traditional houses that are each a direct flashback window to history, small cafes and restaurants.. All scattered around the remains of the Roman Walls – a past rich in history and culture!
The area around Plovdiv, according to specialists, is being inhabited since 6.000 B.C. It’s inevitable that such a long time has left all sorts of traces all around.. Strong Roman walls embrace the old city of Plovdiv and protect it in its long journey within the centuries.. Another most important monument is the Roman Theater, discovered in 1972, thanks to a random shift of the ground! It was built in the era of roman Emperor Traianos the 2nd century B.C. It is preserved in fine condition and many cultural events take place there, especially in summer time. Other monuments that remain of the same era are the Roman Agora and the Aqua duct (water reservoir).

Besides the roman monuments on comes across other types too like the Clock-Tower and the Muslim mosques, built in the 15th century, proof of the many years spent under occupation of the Ottoman Empire.
In the Old Town, among the well preserved old houses and the narrow streets, the visitor gets the illusion of being transferred to another place and time – a time travelling sort of experience back to the 19th century and mansions of the rich, along with galleries and art halls. A special color to the whole picture of the Old Town is added by the Byzantine Churches too, the oldest one being that of Saint Constantine and Helena, the oldest one in town as it is said to have been founded in 337 AC.
The Old Town of Plovdiv stands proudly well-preserved up to this very day, ready to accept visitors from all over the world.

Plovdiv becomes all and more well known year in and year out thanks to the emphasis given to its monuments that wins over the interest of visitor and sets the city as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the recent years. It’s a place worthwhile to visit, explore the old town and experience even for a short while the charming fairytale of another era in the past which somehow vividly lives up to now!